Supervision and Mentoring with Cindy Aulby

Cindy Aulby offers a compassionate environment in which practitioners, facilitators, managers, therapists and healers who hold space for others can review, reflect and debrief.

My work focus is on authentic, sustainable self care, on care for you, for your business, for your professional understanding and practice ... on everything that goes towards you being here for the long term and staying professionally centred, clear and well. 

  Supervision, mentoring, debriefing, reviewing, reflecting ... 

There are many words to describe the function and purpose of supervision. It's a word that is easily misunderstood by those outside of the counselling framework, as it sounds like a top-down checking up on the practitioner. In reality it is far from this - 

Supervision is designed to hold a supportive space for the space holders.

It's one of the best ways we can support the sustainability, longevity and health of workers who spend their work lives with the intimate details of what's really going on for human beings, whether it's counselling and related work, bodywork therapies, physical and emotional caregiving, or management and leadership. 

Those who hold space for others need the same sort of quality attention for themselves. We care for others best when we feel nourished and understood, when we have a place to share our professional lives with their many difficulties and joys, and also to share some of the professional responsibility we carry in this kind of work.

Sessions online via Zoom     During business hours by appointment       75 to 90 minutes