Professional Training in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling

The Professional Taining in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling is a comprehensive practitioner training course, spread over two Levels of ten months each.

Teaching is in Hobart Tasmania, in non-residential weekend Modules.

Level 1 consists of 3 days per month for 10 months - suitable for beginners with no prerequisites. 

Level 2 consists of 2 days per month for 10 months, and students must have completed Level 1 or its equivalent.

Developed and facilitated by Cindy Aulby

The next Level 1 course begins on March 15th 2019  |  The next Level 2 course begins on March 2nd 2019 

Download the prospectus here  |  Book here  |  Download the 2019 dates and fee schedule: Level 1. Level 2 dates will be arranged in consultation with students, March to December 2019.

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Who is it for?

ABA Training Endorsement Logo GreenThis Training is a complete Professional Training for those aiming to work in professional practice. It is endorsed as a Practitioner Level Training by the Australian Breathwork Association.

This is also an intensive course for those wanting a guided personal journey without the intention of becoming practitioners. Good professional practice requires a deep knowing of one's self. Practitioners need to be able to be with themselves, no matter what arises. Then we can sit with others as they journey, with a solid trust in the intelligence of their process.

The group environment means we also learn about other people, about the many ways different people navigate their internal and external lives, about the wounding others have experienced and what effects it has. It is a crash course in human-ness of all kinds. We have the opportunity to heal our relationship wounds and to learn to live according to our own truth whilst being in respectful relationship with others.

The Professional Training in Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling is presented in two Levels.

Level 1 is for

  • those seeking complete Practitioner Training,
  • those seeking Continuing Professional Development, and/or
  • those wanting to immerse in an intensive personal development journey. 

Level 2 is for those wanting to complete the professional training to become a practitioner. It can also serve as a continuation of the personal journey for those not intending to become professional practitioners.

Why Breathwork and Body Centred Counselling?

Most of us have learned, through the dominant models of mental and physical health, to see pain and discomfort as symptoms of illness and disorder. Pain and discomfort mean something is wrong, that we are wrong. We focus on getting back to 'normal' and feeling 'better' as soon as possible, generally managing symptoms to stop the discomfort.

When it comes to mental health, we learn to assert mind over matter, to rely on the rational mind to overcome problematic thoughts, feelings and struggles. We focus on strategies to change thoughts and behaviour, and tend to manage symptoms with very little confidence in permanent healing.

In the course of this Body Centred Training, we learn to use the Breath to access the information held in the body. We explore the differences between what the rational mind 'knows' and what the body reveals when we learn to access it and listen to it.

We discover that pain and discomfort have a deep intelligence, that when we are gradually able to become comfortable with uncomfortable sensations, we have access to a depth of humanity that most of us yearn for. Meeting the truth of what is actually happening guides us to its permanent resolution. The intelligent internal guidance system teaches us the way through.

We include the whole system – the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual experiences of the organism, its environmental context, ancient and modern maps of the human inner world and of consciousness …

Breathwork combined with a body centred counselling model is, in my experience, the most effective tool available for this personal transformation, and I am passionate about passing on these tools for use in the healing of mind and body, and the healing of relationship with self, spirit and soul.

The Training

My aim is to train practitioners to become highly skilled, caring and ethical professionals. The foundation of this Training is that the most effective, compassionate and resourceful practitioners have learned and integrated through their own personal process. The Training guides students on a journey of personal transformation, and is therefore suitable for students who seek to explore and heal themselves, as well as those seeking a professional pathway.

Over two decades of professional practice, and the many thousands of human processes I've had the privilege of witnessing, have shown me that the fundamental core of the practitioner’s toolbox is our own personal journey. The more completely and honestly we are able to be with our whole selves, to be in direct and honest relationship with ourselves, the more we develop the capacity to be present with the real expression of the other. We develop an increasing capacity to be fully and wholeheartedly present with What-Is. Our primary tools become awareness and presence. We are able to be fully present with ourselves, and with the other. This is what facilitates highly effective practice.

The training builds upon that foundation with an understanding of context and theory, and guides the development of the knowledge and skills to work with individuals and groups, and to create a thriving practice.


Level 1 consists of ten modules, one per month. This is non-residential, most months from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon, except when the Monday is a public holiday, when it will be Saturday to Monday. There are no prerequisites for Level 1.

Level 2 consists of ten modules, one per month. This is non-residential from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Level 2 students must have completed Level 1 or an equivalent training.

Offsite expectations are outlined in the prospectus. All onsite training is at Hobart Breathing Space, 13b Goulburn Street Hobart.


Course topics include:

  • The philosophy of healing and trusting the body's process
  • Presence, self awareness, self responsibility, honesty and realness
  • The nature of healing
  • Rites of passage and the nature of change
  • Embodiment - the physical body
  • Mental intelligence and the nature of thought
  • Energetic intelligence and sensitivity
  • Emotional intelligence and the Internal Guidance System
  • Consciousness and the spiritual body
  • The complexity of material that humans experience, including
    • Cellular templates
    • Family and social conditioning
    • Biographical, ancestral, genetic and racial memory
  • Non-ordinary states of conciousness
  • Healing relationship templates and wounds
  • Primary relationships - with self, with nature, with existence and with the lover, sexuality
  • Communication and true honesty

Level 1 of this professional training is also the Journey to the Heart Course.

When and Where:

Hobart Breathing Space, 13b Goulburn Street, Hobart 7000

March to December 2019

Level 1 - 3 days per month Friday to Sunday EXCEPT for public holiday weekends which are Saturday to Monday (March and June):

March 15th-17th  |  April 12th-14th  |  May 10th-12th  |  June 8th-10th  |  July 12th-14th  |  August 9th-11th  |  September 6th-8th  |  October 11th-13th  |  November 8th-10th  |  December 6th-8th

We begin at 9am on Friday, and at 7.30am on Saturday and Sunday. Each day finishes by 5pm at the latest.

Level 2 - 2 days per month - please note that these dates will be arranged in consultation with students 

March 2nd-3rd  |  April 6th-7th  |  May 4th-5th  |  June 1st-2nd  |  July 6th-7th  |  August  3rd-4th  |  August 31st-September 1st  |  October 5th-6th  |  November 2nd-3rd  | November 30th-December 1st


Level 1: Earlybird price if paid in full prior to the beginning of the course: $4,950.00  |  Payment plans add 7.5%: $5,321.25

Level 2: Earlybird price if paid in full prior to the beginning of the course: $3,300.00  |  Payment plans add 7.5%: $3,547.50

(Please talk about a plan that can work for you - I am flexible when in respectful agreement!)

Total inclusions: 

  • Training program - all onsite teaching
  • Training materials, resources and support
  • Student access to Journey to the Heart library
  • Online student portal for ongoing connection, discussion, sharing articles, resources and research
  • Breakfast, tea and snacks
  • and for Level 2, onsite student clinic

Book here or contact me to reserve your place, to discuss your payment options or if you have any other queries or concerns.

Please feel free to ring me if you would prefer to chat  0429 167 480


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